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Holy shit that was funny.

Enraged Battle Ox! *pastes on a set of mean eyebrows*

"Where I'm going...I don't need pants" Great work!

Art: Good art style you have here, nice and vibrant and worked well with the overall style.

Animation: Wasn't too much but it did the job of bringing the piece to life.

Gags: All worked well together, gave me a good laugh.

Overall, well done!

The style and animation are phenomenal. Those fight scenes look incredible!

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The game itself seems fairly strong, graphics are basic but work, needs a mute button and more story (but for it being a Uni hand in that's pretty good) If you wanted to do more with the game I'd be interested in doing the artwork and graphics for the game. Well done, good attempt! :)

Great Game , very fun to play

Im a great fan of the series so this highly appealed to me , very entertaining nice plo line etc , visuals could improve but i suppose it was alot of work with only two guys on the team , i am going to send an email with work peices for you to check out , hope i can join the team :D

very gd job

i had been looking for this for ages and just found it again today =)
nice proffesional tutorial

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Made me think of trainspotting the first 30 seconds. That's a good thing (Y)

wax-jr responds:

i don't think i have heared of trainspotting before, but i'm glad that you liked it thanks man appreciated it

Is it safe to assume that some of your inspiration for this piece was from the animated short "The Snowman"? 0:58-1:08 especially. Keep up the great work!

Step responds:

Nope, I've never watched that before actually.

Thanks for reviewing :3.

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Just watched your background tutorial using this image. Really good stuff. Keep up the good work man.

The action in the pose is brilliant. Hats off to you!

Cool art style!

I love animating, drawing and anything creative. Looking to collaborate and get as much experience as I can.

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