2013-03-29 16:35:08 by chrisyrulz

I am really considering leaving uni after this semester, getting a full time job and animating whenever I can. University isn't for me and it's in no way helping me progress as an artist. I want to work together with a team of enthusiastic animators/game designers. I want to get involved with lots of projects which will help me become a better animator/artist. I feel good about this train of thought and it actually makes me happy to open the doors to my future.

Tattoo Design.

2011-07-28 21:21:50 by chrisyrulz

Today was a particularly great day, I managed to draw and complete 5 pieces of artwork today. A lot of people have been paying attention to my page throughout the day today in search of a new piece and they are really liking what I've come up with. I am really happy by today's outcome and expect to see a lot more from me in the recent months :)

Im excited to say im on my last year at school and im taking a gap year to focus time to animating as it is a passion i have never managed to have the time for and to properly make an animation worthy of an award. Im sure it can be done in time, with a lot of effort and a lot of late night. Old animations are being deleted as they are terrible =]