Entry #3


2013-03-29 16:35:08 by chrisyrulz

I am really considering leaving uni after this semester, getting a full time job and animating whenever I can. University isn't for me and it's in no way helping me progress as an artist. I want to work together with a team of enthusiastic animators/game designers. I want to get involved with lots of projects which will help me become a better animator/artist. I feel good about this train of thought and it actually makes me happy to open the doors to my future.


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2013-04-25 19:52:28

I will tell you right now becoming an artist on your own is very hard... but if you're passionate enough about it things should work out. Animation school is a bit of a money grab but can be a great experience as well. My strongest suggestions for you is to always keep sketching, do lots of life drawing ( gesture drawings even if you're just googling poses ) and to study preston blair's cartoon animation. Good luck.

chrisyrulz responds:

I have done the education spiel to death, think its time for a fresh approach. Being an animator is my passion so I'm just going to keep following it wherever I need to. It's an exciting prospect.


2015-04-26 15:26:13